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Great Reviews 09/13/2013
Love these guys. Order from them ALL the time (probably too often), and have been doing so for the past couple years. Great food, LIGHTNING fast delivery, and great people. I vote with my wallet, and they get my money. Andy, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 03/15/2013
didn't like it at all. Gal, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 05/08/2012
Quite good tasting and lots of food Patricia, ordered 50 times
Bad Reviews 05/07/2012
they do not care about their customers. the owner is a very rude person who yells obscenities and if the food were better than dominos or really good like vitello's express or matteos, but it's blah. did you know an extra side of parm. cheese is a plastic packet for 3 orders of pasta and other stuff? i'd avoid them and choose one of the others available on or there are many italian restaurants close by not to have a bad food experience or a rude owner or waiter treat you like you should be honored to be there. sad. hope, ordered 326 times
Great Reviews 12/20/2011
Their pizza is awesome and priced cheap. Their pasta is delicious and portioned well. This is seriously the best pizza/pasta place on Eat24hours in the 90404 zip code. Ben, ordered 48 times
Great Reviews 10/18/2011
THE FOOD here is the bomb! Great service/fast delivery- ordered here after my friends told me how this place has the best italian food in town and I have finally found the great place to order all the time now. I tried the seafood rossi creama and baked ziti it was awesome! the mozarella sticks and chocolate mousse was also very delicious! I am looking forward in trying other great things from the menu! andrew, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 10/17/2011
I have ordered here for a long time now. recently found out that i could order online! they just get better and better each time i order! Not only does this pizza place have great pizzas but delicious pasta, sandwiches, and amazing salad! i really love their shrimp pazzo pizza! and almost every thing on the salad menu! I only finish the dough from this pizza place!yumyum borum, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 09/12/2011
The Italian Sausage Penne is so good. I order the Italian Sausage Penne from Pazzo three times each week. They use their homemade tomato sauce. Try it. Kevin, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 06/21/2011
Delivery was prompt, food was great, and they even threw in some freebies with our order. Enjoyed the meal and will return to Pazzo for my future pizza needs. Shagnik, ordered 19 times
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Yelp's Reviews 166 reviews
A lady at Dan the Man's kids gym parties suggested I check out this place for an upcoming party order because they apparently do a lot of orders for their... read more...
Posted by Mina L. on

I work in the office building right next door and have ordered from here a couple of times. My first time, I got a side salad and an order of meatballs.... read more...
Posted by Cheryl S. on

One of my favorite places!!! I probably order to-do from there too often. Everything I have had there has been good! Only problem is the parking. read more...
Posted by Candace C. on